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Summer Coleman

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Summer Coleman is an “STA 100” award-winning designer from Riverdale, Illinois. Her love for fine arts began in high school and quickly turned into a career after attending the University of Illinois of Chicago, where she received her BFA in fine arts. In 2008, Summer graduated and began her career as an artist and designer for the city of Chicago, its organizations, and its artists. Organizations and artists included but were not limited to Amanda Williams, the University of Chicago, Latent Design, and The Silver Room. She is also a part of the Dorchester Industries Experimental Design Lab, a three-year program launched in September 2021 by Dorchester Industries. This program was begun by artist Theaster Gates - and Prada Group in partnership with Theaster Gates Studio and Rebuild Foundation. Summer Coleman is dedicated to building brands for all, especially within her community.

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University of Illinois at Chicago

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