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  • What do I need to think about when creating a brand look?
    These are the main things to think of: 1. Brand Name 2. Brand Slogan 3. Brand Focus/personality 4. Brand Colors/font(s) 5. Brand Icons
  • What do I need to have ready in order to begin designing my website?
    1. Buy Domain ( I suggest 2. Retain Hosting services ( I suggest in order of ease Squarespace, Wix, Moonfruit, Wordpress. 3. Reasearch competition sites for ideas and direction. No need to reinvent the wheel. Just recreate it and make it your own. 4. Gather all files needed for site completion. Photos, links, copy, everything needed to go on the site. 5. If you need products added to your site, you will need to have pricing, item descriptions and images ready 6. If you need events or products that require appointments, you will need to do research on a calendar or scheduler for your site to keep all event and appointments in one place and in order
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